Laughing Kaiju


THE ZONE is a tabletop roleplaying game about a doomed expedition into a mysterious quarantine zone, whose center will grant one survivor their deepest wish.
With 248 cards, easy-to-learn rules, and no need for a gamemaster, The Zone is the perfect way to spend an evening telling a deeply immersive and spooky tale of hubris & mutation in the dark.
  • Sturdy 10¼ x 7¼ x 2" Box
  • Operation Manual (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Mutation (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Twists (Print + PDF)
  • 144 Tarot sized (Holo foil)
  • 104 poker sized cardsIncluding
  • 24 Characters (Holo foil)
  • 48 Motivations (Holo foil)
  • 61 Locations (Holo foil)
  • 100+ Scene, Not So Easy, and Fate cards

...for endless thrillingly doomed expeditions into The Zone.