The tabletop storygame of surreal horror.

Mutate your friends, play-to-lose, and have a spooky time in the dark.

1-6 Players · 2-4 hours · Zero prep

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Aaron BoehmBloody Disgusting

“One of the most beginner-friendly RPG books I’ve ever read. A standout tabletop RPG that creates a memorable night at the table that requires no preparation.”

4.5 / 5 stars
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Jim RossignolTEETH, Rock Paper Shotgun

“An extraordinary accomplishment, and one of the best implementations of a card game I’ve seen online.”

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Jeff StormerParty of One Podcast

“That game RULED! Creepy and weird and tense and I loved every minute of it. Gather up your friends; play to lose; play doomed monsters; get your wish to come true or don’t—this game kicks ass and you should want to play it!”

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Tim HutchingsThousand Year Old Vampire

“Gore Vidal said that every time a friend succeeds I die a little. I don’t know how he knew that about me but, holy fuck, The Zone took ten years off my life.”

The Zone is a game where up to 6 players take characters wracked with phobias & obsessions on a one-way trip into a dangerous place full of beauty and horror.

Mutate your friends

What makes it special?

Zero prep

Zero prep

Play immediately, right out of the box
It's all cards

It's all cards

248 cards with beautiful illustrations


Spooky times to be found

The setup

For 6 players (*Pothos not included)
The Center of The Zone

This is where the survivor will make their wish.

The Operation Manual

No homework required: you can pull this out at the table and take turns reading it.

Within 20 minutes you'll be setup and ready to play!

The Observation Facility

This is where each game of The Zone begins.

The journey goes like this

It's like telling a movie
First, generate a Zone

Pick from 61 location cards from four themed decks, to instantly generate a Zone. Your destination: the center, where it is said you'll get deepest wish.

Create doomed characters

Combine 24 Characters and 48 Obsession and Phobia cards to create a broken husk in minutes.

Direct scenes

You'll take turns answering prompts from a Scene deck full of beauty and horror. (There is no GM)

Mutate your friends

Challenges are resolved using a deck of narrative complications which triggers the creative heart of the game: mutation.

Meet your fates until only one of you survives

Your deaths are predetermined by Fate cards, so you can play-to-lose until the lucky (or unlucky) survivor makes it to the Center.

Those who die, switch to playing the Zone itself, and judge the final survivor's wish.

First, generate a Zone
Create doomed characters
Direct scenes
Mutate your friends
Meet your fates until only one of you survives

Free online version

Play online right now

You can play the digital version for free with your friends.

Got questions? Join the Discord community!

Mutate your friends?

Watch the trailer

...catch the vibe

Watch (or listen to) a game

Plus One Exp

Plus One Exp

"Explore the obsessions that drive us forward, the secrets we can't bare, and the reasons we can never go back?"


THE ZONE is a tabletop roleplaying game about a doomed expedition into a mysterious quarantine zone, whose center will grant one survivor their deepest wish.
With 248 cards, easy-to-learn rules, and no need for a gamemaster, The Zone is the perfect way to spend an evening telling a deeply immersive and spooky tale of hubris & mutation in the dark.
  • Sturdy 10¼ x 7¼ x 2" Box
  • Operation Manual (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Mutation (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Twists (Print + PDF)
  • 144 Tarot sized (Holo foil)
  • 104 poker sized cardsIncluding
  • 24 Characters (Holo foil)
  • 48 Motivations (Holo foil)
  • 61 Locations (Holo foil)
  • 100+ Scene, Not So Easy, and Fate cards

...for endless thrillingly doomed expeditions into The Zone.